The Application for Admission Fee Waiver, etc.

Submission Rules of Admission fee Waiver Applications

The application will not be accepted after the deadline for any reason. When you send the application documents by post, it must be postmarked on or before the deadline.
Please read here before submission.

The application will be excluded from screening procedure if all required documents are not submitted. Click here for more information

List of Documents for Admission Fee Waiver Application (Year 2023 / October Enrollment)

  1. First check the documents required for admission fee waiver application with the checklist.
    → Checklist
  2. For the detailed procedure of admission fee waiver application, refer to the following link.
    → Procedure of Admission Fee Waiver Application
  3. The documents for admission fee waiver application may be downloaded from the following links.
Form Corresponding applicants
1 Application for admission fee waiver All applicants
2 Statement of scholarship entitlement situation
Form A
All applicants
3 Form for attaching documents for pension
Form C
Recipients of pension
4 Form for atttaching payment slip
Form E
Persons who have a regular income and cannot submit the Withholding Tax Certificate
5 Certificate of (expected) Salary Payment
Form 1
Persons started working at a new place after January 2022
6 Certificate of (expected) Retirement
Form 2
Retired persons (Persons to be retired)
7 Statement for Persons Under Long-term Medical Treatment
Form 3
Applicants and/or cohabitting family members under long-term medical treatment (more than six months)
Not applicable if the person can have a normal life as long as they are on medication, such as lifestyle-related diseases.
8 Statement for Separated Household
Form 4
Persons in a household where the main family finance supporter lives separately (in Japan)
9 Statement of Financial Situation
Form 5
Foreign students paying their own tuition
10 Independent Household Financial Record
Form 6
Persons with idependent livelihood (Japanese Postgraduates only)
11 Statement for Accommodation Situation
Form 7
Foreign students paying their own tuition
12 Statement for No Occupation/Income
Form 9
- Persons who have an income indicated in the income certificate and have no occupation/income at the time of application
- Persons who are 16 years or older without occupation/income
13 School Enrollment and New Employment Situation
Form 10
(To be submitted immediately when the school/employment is determined)
- Applicants with family members to be newly enrolled in school in October (Not necessary for junior high schools or lower)
- Applicants with family members to commence employment in October
14 Certificate of (expected) TA/RA Payment
Form 11
Foreign students paying there own tuition who have income from TA/RA (as of october 2023)

→ Download the application forms (for foreign students paying their own tuition [Checklist B, 1 to 9 and 11 to 14 above])
→ Download the application forms (for Japanese students [Checklist, 1 to 8, 10, 12 to 14 above])

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